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Finger Box Builder's Club

The official website of the Fingerbox Builder's Club is a community who exchange information relating to building fingerboxes.

We have quite a lot to share, so let's get started!

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How to make a fingerbox
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The Fingerbox Builder's Club is an international club that started in 1967. Twelve founders came together to develop a professional club that promoted growth and learning in the field of fingerbox building. Today, the club represents over 2,600 builders and is the worldwide leader for advancements in the field of finger box building. The club continues to live up to its founding objectives, providing knowledge for professional builders and improving building practices around the world.

Carroll's fingerbox building club in Sydney, Australia is comprised of several students and a few professional and academic advisors. We meet as a club on a monthly basis and do several projects throughout the school year. We organise networking opportunities with professional builders and firms for our members, and the international club has become a great resource for us.

Our big annual project is fingerbox R-Series Competition that takes place at the fBBC Regional Conference every spring. A team of club members gets together to design and construct a fingerbox, and is judged and raced against several other universities. The R-Series Competition is a favorite event for all students and builders involved and provides an opportunity to get hands on building experience. We have quite a lot to share, so join the finger box Builder's Club today and get started.

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